Friday, March 16, 2007

What happened?

So when did game companies decide that putting screenshots and game features on the game boxes was a bad idea? I walked into the store the other night and picked up a box or two, and saw maybe one, badly zoomed out shot with no idea of how the UI looks like. Often, most of the box is taken up by arbitrary artwork that has nothing to do with the game. Yes, that is a great picture of what a massic army looks like, but I'd rather see what it looks like in the game. How can I judge if I want the game, if I don't see anything about it?

I guess that's part of the new marketing. If we just showed you the game, you may not be interested in it, so we're gonna show you a really cool picture. Look, here's something shiny, give me your money. I just find this a little depressing. There are a lot of games that could be good, but looking at the box makes me not want to spend the money on a potentially bad game. If a game company isn't willing to show me the game before I purchase it, then I'm not going to purchase it.

Let's face it, it's kinda like buying a car after only seeing a picture of a really nice looking car. There's no promise that that is your new car, and you don't get to see it until you buy it. It's totally assanine, when you think about it. What's the harm in putting a screenshot on the back of the game? I'd rather buy a bad-looking game than gamble on a pretty picture with no look into the real game. Given game mechanics, the bad-looking game probably has a solid system and game underneath the bad graphics.

Anyway, I'm ranting now. Tomorrow, I'll take a look at Star Wars: Rebellion.

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