Sunday, October 14, 2007

MMO-conomics 101:

Anyone who has played an MMO knows that there's an economy involved. Now, players usually have some influence over these. Economies come in a couple of major flavors. Vendor-based, loot-based, and player-based.

Here's the long and the short of it. A vendor-based economy means that a majority of the weapons, armor, and items used in the game are sold through NPC vendors. A loot-based economy means that the majority of the weapons, armor, and items used in the game are dropped from creatures that you have to kill. The player-based economy is a system in which the majority of weapons, armor, and itemse used in the game are created or generated by the players.

Each system has it's benefits and it's problems. The vendor-based has equality amongst players, as everything is available for a set price, and doesn't run out. The loot-based rewards player who work for it, and get lucky. The player-based economy is the most complex and fun, it is alsmo the most unpredictable.

I will be looking at each of these in depth in the coming posts. Tomorrow, we will look at the vendor-based economy. This is the most primitive of the three economies, and is based off of single-player games where you rely on an item shop in-game.

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