Sunday, October 7, 2007

On to the MMO's

After a respite from this blog, I'm back to delve further into the labyrinth of game design and theory. For the immediate future, I'll be looking at MMORPGs, a class of game that is still largely in the beta stage, having developed within the last ten years.

MMORPG development initially was born through two sources: online, browser-based games and chatrooms, and games that allowed users to play with others over internet or ethernet connections. A game that comes to mind is Neverwinter Nights, which allowed users to set up a server on their computer to allow others to play on. Once the players logged off, their characters were saved, and if the server was still running, they could return and play them.

Nowadays there is a MMORPG for every flavor, from ones designed for hardcore gamers to the casual gamers. Games designed for children and games designed with adult content. As the forefront of popularity and profitability, an understanding of MMORPGs is key to cornering a game market.

In the coming posts, I will be exploring some interesting aspects of MMO's. Stay tuned, more is coming soon.

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