Monday, June 2, 2008

Example of Skills in a DSS


XP from skin = level of monster * quality level of skin

Failure xp = Level of monster / number of fails

XP: 1-1000

Failure xp: 1-100

Ex: 1-100 monsters

Quality: 1-10

1: Scraps: Scraps of leather, barely suited for anything

2: thin leather: The thinnest of leathers, useful for scrolls and canvas

3: Light Leather: A thin, lightweight leather useful in making armor with little encumberance, and little protective value.

4: Medium Leather: The standard for leather, most leather armors use this as a base, and it provides decent protection for the weight.

5: heavy leather: Better and heavier than medium leather, useful for more durable armor.

6: Thick Leather: Leather that is best used stretched over a frame as a shield.

7: rugged leather: Useable for leather armor that is almost as strong as metal, also used in shields

8: Reinforced Leather: Leather reinforced with parts of the animal’s skeleton and tissues, extremely strong and durable.

9: Dense leather: As durable as steel

10: Pristine Leather: This is exceptional quality and imbues anything made with it with special properties and a mystical connection with nature (rare)

Quality degrade by 1 point every failure

Success is based off comparing skill to level of creature (plus or minus gear modifiers), where there is a 50% chance of success of skinning if your skinning level is equal to the target creature’s level. This chance of success increases by 5% per level over the creature’s level.

Critical success chance increases quality of material to 10, and generates a specific masterwork resource for that creature and zone. For example, a lvl 10 creature may generate a pristine light leather and a lvl 100 creature would generate a pristine dense leather. These can be used like the lesser quality leathers (pristine light leather can substitute for light leather) and increases the quality and properties of the finished item. Chance of critical success is 0.1% and increases by .01% for every level over the creature’s level your skinning level is. It also decreases by .001% for every level below the creature’s level. (so a lvl 1 skinner can try to skin a lvl 100 monster, and will have a 0.001% chance to get a critical success). This should be checked after the first skinning attempt. If the first attempt fails, there is no chance for a critical success.

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