Sunday, June 1, 2008


Okay, so I was throwing some ideas for a Dynamic Spawn System in an MMORPG, and I got sidetracked by school and work and gaming…which seems to happen a lot. I apologize to the few who actually read my blog and hope for updates (sorry, Rich :-p ), and I’ll try hard once again to post regularly.

So to go over what I’ve kinda been toying with, here’s some basics:

1. Each player in the MMORPG would have a number of spawn slots for creatures to be generated when he is around.

  1. These creatures would be of an appropriate level for the character and the zone he was in.
  2. This dynamic spawning should be tailored so that it is in full effect only when the player needs it to be, or when the player is entering an area too dangerous for his level
  3. This dynamic spawning should not hinder trade skills

2. Trade skills operate on an experience system, and attempts to be equal-opportunity.

  1. Higher level players will have access to higher level nodes with higher quality metals, but each zone level also has special rare drops for players with a high skill for those areas, keeping lower level players with high trade skills profitable.
  2. Lower level metals can be obtained by unskilled miners in high level areas.
  3. Failing reduces quality/quantity of end resource, but generates some small amount of xp.

With that in mind, some concerns have come to my mind. The biggest problem with DSS is ensuring that griefing by use of the spawn system doesn’t occur. It would be very easy for a high level character to get angry and spawn max-level (for the zone) mobs around the newbie starting area. An easy way to deal with this is by making only mobs you spawn hostile towards you, but that leaves the area wide open to abuse. As it is, almost every system in an MMORPG is strained and twisted to the limit before it is broken, and abused.

I’ll have more tomorrow. I’m brewing up ideas for the full write-up on the trade skill system. Have a good night

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