Wednesday, June 11, 2008

A Second Chance at Life

Unless you live in a hole in the ground, you've heard of Second Life. It's a free MMORPG with an interesting twist. You can create items and sell them for money, which can be traded on their website for real money. That is about the only good thing it has going for it, but it brings up an interesting idea: Player made content. For most MMORPGs, the only player-made content is Role-playing. That is largely it. In Star Wars Galaxies, players also were able to decorate their houses and guild halls, but there wasn't much there. Ideally, an MMORPG would contain a lot of player-based content, but most rely on developer-made content.

Some MMORPGs rely heavily on player suggestions for future patches and updates, but there is no way for a player to create something real in the game, with obvious exceptions of guilds and such. There is no way to customize the things you craft (besides names sometimes). My question is, why not? Everything in the game has a skin and a model, and there are hundreds if not thousands of models and skins in the databases of each MMORPG. Why not make these things customizable?

Instead of crafting a Bonereaver Sword with the same model as everyone else, you can make Psychoman's Boneblasting Blade, that has a unique model and skin combination. Obviously there are some problems, as a variety of skins have to be made for each model, but creating a large amount of customization isn't hard. It would require a few basics:

1. A few base skins for each model.
2. Different colors for certain spots on the model (like hilt shades and blade colors for swords)
3. Different effects for the blade, i.e. flaming blade, glowing blades, etc

There are other things that could be changed and altered, but the point is that every weapon you make should have the option to be unique.

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  1. I like your idea! To have different base materials for each weapon isn't hard at all! I mean, most newer MMORPGs are increasing in size, so why not increase it a little more?

    I also think, with customization in mind, that they could allow us, gamers, to customize our own characters with uploading!
    I mean, if some player has the ability to craft some good base models, why not upload it and play with it?
    Of course, the company could make money by opening the door for players to invest their money in custom faces or body parts or even whole model! It has it's downside, but the upside is very rewarding!