Wednesday, June 18, 2008

WoW Experiment: Class Discussion

I’ve chosen Area 52 for a few reasons. First, it’s medium population will provide a decent auction house. Secondly, I have no characters on the server, so it will be a clean slate start, and thirdly, it’s a normal server so I don’t have to worry about PVP issues.

I wanted to create two characters that would be able to start in the same area, but have playstyles that differed (more to ease boredom than for experimental value), so I decided on a mage (for the newbie player) and a paladin (for the experienced player). Why these classes? Well…

The mage was my first class, and a class I never made it to 70 with. It was fairly easy to play, and relies primarily on one stat. Builds from all three trees are viable, and with baseline spell damage being very reasonable, gear doesn’t matter that much (though it does make a difference between being okay and being good). Also, there are very few tricky abilities to get in the way, and the mage has a natural profession set (tailor/enchanting) that is profitable.

The paladin is not an easy class to master. Like warrior, it requires good gear for decent damage output, has a large amount of abilities that can be tricky to use, and only specific talent builds are worth using. It does not have a natural profession set (though you could argue mining/blacksmithing) and it’s abilities are more expensive than any other class’s.

So why bloodelves? Well, I like the horde. And if I were a new player I would pick bloodelves because of their relative newness to the game and because they look cool. Also, they are the only playable horde race for paladins, and when you think of mages from Warcraft 3, the BE sorceress and priests come to mind.

I do want to discuss the character look real fast. My female mage I made to look cute. Females have always felt more “magic” oriented than male characters, and I feel this is a good choice. I like red hair, and I think the earrings she has are very magical. The name Alexya comes from the random name generator, with a letter switched phonetically.

The paladin is male because I wanted to be able to differentiate between screenshots easily. This guy is 100% randomly generated and I think he’s badass. The name is again a random name generated with an extra letter added to make Avvath, mighty BE paladin.

Now I would have an in-depth analysis of my first few levels as each players, but unfortunately my screenshot program refused to save any open windows, so I have to go in and rerecord the status screenshots. However, preliminary analysis indicates the experienced player reaching lvl 6.5 in 15 minutes less than the newb player (and that includes the two disconnects the experienced player had, and having to run completely back to the starting area to finish a quest I forgot about). Without my screenshots I can't determine any other comporable statistics until tomorrow.

This seems promising.

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