Friday, August 29, 2008

Lost In Space

Okay, I haven't posted for nearly a month. I blame it on the ADD and getting sucked into EVE online. Why is it so addicting? I don't know. But here are things I know I really like (and will detail further in later posts)

1. Skill system: Eve has a virtually free-form skill system where any character can learn any skill. Now certain characters have the benefit of better abilities which let them learn certain skills faster, but any character can learn any skill. Also, skills generally just give a small, but extremely useful, bonus to an ability and unlock new equipment. No skill makes you uber, nor does any particular piece of equipment. Someone with the best skills in the game with the best equipment can be overcome by others if he is not careful or he gets outnumbered.

2. Controlled PVP: You can pvp anywhere you want, but you cannot force pvp on people in certain areas. In "High Security" areas, anyone who attacks another player will be brutally hunted down and killed by NPC police ships. In low security areas, this is not the case, but there are guns at the jump gates and stations that deter this action a little. In 0.0 security space, anything goes. Now it's still possible to suicide kill people in high security space, but generally not worth it.

3. Player controlled Stations/Space: Players can build their own stations and can claim sovereignty over areas of space. Now a large portion is already claimed by alliances, but the borders shift constantly as POS's are built and destroyed. Full scale fleet battles between warring corps are an impressive sight.

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