Thursday, September 25, 2008

On Politics

I know this is a video game blog, but something has been really bothering me lately: The political campaign. This year seems to be the worst in my short life. I don't remember either of the Bush elections having just so much hateful BS and rhetoric flying around. It seems that there are three kinds of people: Those that are McCain fanatics, those that are Obama fanatics, and those that aren't voting (either because they don't like either candidate or they feel their vote won't matter).

I will state for the record that I am an Obama supporter (though I do not feel myself a fanatic). This decision was reached under careful consideration of both candidates proposed policies and messages, and may be subject to change depending on the upcoming debates (if they ever happen). Another factor in my decision to endorse Obama is probably related to my age, his message appeals to my generation, and because I am absolutely fed up with President Bush and feel that McCain will be more of the same or worse. That and when the republicans had BlackWater mercenaries illegally detaining reporters (not paparazzi, actual reporters from actual networks) and infringing on the freedom of press, that seemed to be a big sign of what was to come.

I wanted to tell you that so that you can put what I am posting into perspective. Honestly all news agencies should have a statement of beliefs before political broadcasts, because no news agency in America is unbiased one way or the other. Maybe that is the problem.

What I've seen in the news and in talking to people is that people will largely believe what they want to about this campaign. If they hear a report that their candidate has done something "bad" they will reinterpret it and switch it to a good thing, or blame it on the "liberal/conservative" news coverage that is obviously making up lies to support the other candidate. I've come to the conclusion that 99% of America is hopelessly retarded and unable to make any decisions for themselves. Most of us will believe just about anything as long as it goes along with our beliefs.

Some examples? I've had people tell me that Obama is a sleeper cell agent for terrorist networks, and when he gets elected he will kill us all. My thoughts on that? Why would he have to be elected to kill us all? Also, don't you think that a sleeper cell agent would be detected by someone? This is not a movie, you cannot magically brainwash people like that without leaving some sign or proof it exists. The same woman also told me that he was Islamic, and that proved he was a terrorist. I asked her if she thought every Islamic person was a terrorist, and her response was yes, and that she was glad they were all in the Middle East. I didn't have the heart to tell her Muslims make up a few percent of the US population, she might never leave her house again.

It's not just limited to Obama. I've heard people say that McCain is old and senile and that McCain/Palin is a plot to get Palin into the presidency (who would have no chance at it otherwise) and that she will be some sort of evil dictator. To be honest, I'm amazed she hasn't single-handedly ruined this campaign from the start. She spent most of her day of meeting foreign dignitaries with Kissinger, an American diplomat, instead of...you know...meeting foreign dignitaries. She is not a world-wide threat.

People really need to evaluate where their news comes from, not so that they can say "oh it's all lies, my political candidate is a god" but so they can make intelligent decisions about how much of what is said to believe. No news agency is going to make something up whole-cloth. There is always truth to what is reported, now the interpretations of that truth that are represented and the means they are represented are another matter all together.


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