Monday, September 22, 2008

Spore Revisited

Okay, so my last post was really harsh (though totally justified) to Spore. Here's how Spore could be fixed.

1. Allow players to continue to gain DNA points/evolve their creatures even after they've beaten the stage of life. In other words, just because you've gotten 100 dna points in cell stage doesn't mean you shouldn't be able to collect more and upgrade your cell into a really cool looking version of it in-game. This solves the problem I have between the creature creator and the actual game. You can make really awesome things in the editor, but in the actual game you are severely limited by points.

2. Make the earlier stages matter to the later stages. Currently, the only way earlier stages impact later stages are by the special abilities you get, and these are largely pointless little buffs. In fact, there really is no reason to play through stages you don't like as you can make a much better creature starting in say the creature phase or civ phase than you could evolve from cell.

3. Make space playable. I'm not a boy-scout, and collecting badges doesn't interest me. Achievements, sure after I've beaten the game, but not to unlock main game content. Achievements should be used to unlock special content, not anything on the main storyline. I'm not going to even get started on invading another empire, as it is stupidly difficult to do without making millions of trips back to recharge and repair or upgrading until you are in god mode. It'd be better if the space age wasn't included than giving us this crappy stage.

4. Cut back the cute crap. I understand bright colors are pleasing to the 8 year olds, but frankly the cartoonish nature of the game is painful. I tolerated WOW's cartoony feel because it had a lot of mature humor and was actually fun to play (and let's face it, a lot of warrior armor looked badass while cartoony). I intentionally color my buildings and creatures in realistic colors, but the pallet is very limited.

5. Apologize. Seriously it was not just the fans that overhyped this game. The videos of the concept of this game was way better than the end game ended up being. Not to mention the fact that we deserve an apology for having to wait so long for this crap. Just my thoughts.

-VG Philosopher


  1. I totally agree with everything you wrote here. The best way to describe Spore is "A mile wide, but only an inch deep". I'm really glad I didn't actually buy the game, as it's not worth the money.

  2. I disagree with you...
    yes, offcourse videos announcing the game was way better than the game itself, but... seriously, it's just matter of preference.

    The game itself is limited as you've mentioned, but these limits are based on technology used and complexity of the game.

    Look at the planets size and how game data is stored in your roaming profile in appdata!

    I think that concept in space stage is successful in this game, with GA making it even more fun to play... only lots of glitches you might face and limits of programming language Spore is programmed in can angry and cause lots of trouble.

    Concept itself would be worth spending even much more money, but... end results....