Monday, October 13, 2008

The General Reborn (Pt 1)

"Another round, Snoopicus." she called to her old friend. "Today we toast Maggarg, the best swordsmaster I've trained. I remember when you were a raw recruit, my friend."

Maggarg raised his mug and downed the contents. Snoopicus filled it swiftly and the sixty dwarves gathered together cheered.

"And to Pickspells, the greatest self-sufficient military outpost in the known world." she said, and every dwarf gathered cheered heartily. The whole group milled around a luxurious dining room filled with all manner of food and drink. She was readily enjoying herself, when something tugged at her shoulder. It was a little dwarf boy.

"General Babkadol?" He said.

"Yes, that is who I am, young one," she said.

"Come with me, General Babkadol" the boy said, still tugging at her tunic.

"I'm in the middle of something, young one, I will come with you later." She said, and turned away from him.

"General Babkadol, you must come. You are recalled to life."

A cold chill ran down her spine. The room flashed red, and she saw horrible things around her. Snoopicus, her loyal second-in-command, waved to her...a bloody stump where his hand had been. Beastmaster turned and toasted her, draining her glass only to have it's contents spill from holes that perferated her body. Maggarg nodded to her, his head rolling from side to side on a broken neck.

"General Babkadol, you must come. You are recalled to life." The voice said. She turned to it, and the little boy was at the door. Reluctantly, she stood and followed him. He lead her out into a long corridor, one the General recognized well. It was the hallway of the residences of Pickspells. This was were her recruits and soldiers lived. She had dug these rooms herself in the early days.

The boy ran to the main stairwell and up the stairs. She paused only for a second to look at the statues depicting her soldiers' exploits, and the tombs of the lesser heroes of this place. Many recruits had died in their sleep from wounds during training. She had been careless with the green recruits, and the sheer number of those interred showed it clearly.

She walked up the stairs to the main level of Pickspells. The boy darted around to the grand catacombs of the fallen soldiers. There she knew Snoopicus, Beastmaster, and the others of the great seven were interred. The boy entered the fourth door, one that had not existed in her memory, and she reluctantly followed. It led to a grand tomb, complete with a masterful throne and cabinet, and dozens of momentos of a wonderful life. The walls depicted battle scenes with goblins, including the fall of Snoopicus, and a female figure she did not recognize. The boy gestured to the sarcophogus, and she let out a gasp. This is what was engraved:

General Babkadol
"Now rest with our ancesters, great commander
Let the goblins siege your soul no longer
Drink deep of the flasks of our ancestors
Until we meet in the celebration of a final battle."
-Interred into rest in the year of the King, 1608.

She felt another chill in her spine, and the world blacked out.


She woke to a cold room. Sitting up, she realized she was still in the crypt. The boy was gone, and in his place was an elderly looking dwarf. She looked down and found herself sitting in the coffin she had stared at moments ago.

"Welcome back to the living, General Babkadol." The dwarf said. "We have much to discuss."

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  1. What is this? An RPG story? Well whatever it is, it's very nicely done. I got lost a little between the lines.. Was she dead to begin with? If so, how did she see her second-in-command friend die? I'm confused, but maybe due to the fact I hadn't read a book recently (nor played an RPG, neither).

    Keep it up ;)