Monday, October 13, 2008

The General Reborn (Pt 2)

"What us the meaning of this?" She said and looked down. She felt her chest and abdomen, searching for the holes where four goblin bolts had pierced and killed her so many years ago. She found her skin intact and body whole.

"You have been recalled to life by the Blood Pact of Armok, sealed by our forebearers in the early days of our race. It is by this pact that you are reborn and return from Warholla, General." The elderly dwarf said.

"Warholla? So what I saw was the halls of all fallen warriors, where we celebrate for all time. How long has it been?"

"Nearly a thousand years. Your enemy, the Tyrant King, has long since died, and his line is extinct. A new threat looms, great General. Goblins and Elves threaten our very mountain homes. Our outposts and kingdoms have been crushed beneath their alliance, and we are in a perilous position. As I speak we are battling back a siege at our capital, one of ferocious force. The humans have broken our alliance and now fend for themselves, leaving us alone and vulnerable."

"Why me? I was killed, I was unsuccesful in my goal, and this fortress clearly fell," She motioned around to the dust-covered stones, and the moss growing on the cavern walls. This fortress had not been occupied for a long time. "I am a failure."

"A failure? General, you are a legend. No dwarf in memory is recounted more in history than you. You took a group of six dwarves and forged a nation. Every child knows the story of the General who took her six lieutenants into the wilds and carved out a solid fortress of obsidian against the tyrant king. How she trained every dwarf with discipline and honor, into a warrior without compare. How she met her end fighting goblins, killing dozens and having bolt after bolt pierce her skin until finally she succumbed to the onslaught. How once she died, her proud warrior Ignaz the samurai led her soldiers home to confront the king. When the King saw the return of her soldiers, he ordered the fortress guard to slay them all. The King's dwarves with steel and iron clashed against the General's forces armed with wooden shields and obsidian swords. Ignaz was badly wounded, but fought his way to the King. He dueled the tyrant, and cut out his throat before succumbing to his wounds. The General's forces overcame the King and his guards, taking the mountain homes from the tyrant, at the cost of the lives of Ignaz and only three others. Istrian, the brave engineer and last alive of the six lieutenants, was crowned as king, and his line continues to this day."

She wiped a tear from her eye. "Ignaz was a good warrior, as was Istrian. Of the six, Snoopicus was killed in battle, as was Beastmaster, and Baradus died in the first few months here. What of Flokstein?"

"She died from an infection caused by a goblin bolt. She received a grievous many wounds from goblins, trying to save the artifact bone shield your wore on your arm. That item has long since been lost to history, but not the legend of it."

"What of this place? What happened to Pickspells?"

"It is a ruin and a monument to you and your six. It has been sealed ever since Istrian the King died, and was interred with you and your other lieutenants. I unsealed it two days ago to recall you to life."

"Then it is time I take the field again." She jumped from the coffin, and collapsed on the ground. The old dwarf helped her up.

"Your new body is not as strong as your old one, and it will take time to get used to, General."

"What does the King need of me, and what will I have to work with?"

"The King needs an outpost to train soldiers and act as a distraction for the goblins and elves. We need to relieve the pressure on the mountain homes. If we can take the battle to them, even better. The soldiers of the capital are mostly injured veterans or green recruits. Our forces have been devastated by the constant wars. The King has decreed that you be given supplies and six able dwarves. Every dwarf in the kingdom has volunteered, and six have been chosen. We are unable to spare an anvil, but will send one as soon as we can. We also have this for you." He handed her a small package wrapped in pig tail cloth.

She unwrapped it, and laughed. "Pickspells never received an anvil and we survived just fine. With this at my side, we will raise a mighty army for this war." she tucked the warhammer into a loop of her belt. "Let's begin planning, we have much to do."

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  1. I see now. Good story line, although "The Tyrant King" is a bit generic and cliche, don't you think?

    Keep up the good work ;)

  2. A bit generic, yes, but when referring to a King who happens to be a tyrant, and isn't relevant to the story besides the fact that he was a king and was a tyrant, it's easier than making people think they have ot remember a name.