Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The General Reborn (Pt 3)

From the personal log of General Babkadol:

I have returned to this world again to save the kingdom with my military mind. I met with the King today to outline my plan. He does look just like Istrian. I don't know if he believes I am who I say I am, even though the old dwarf, Dorflin, assured him of the potency of his rituals. Dorflin will not accompany me on this journey, though six other have been selected to join me. I have not yet met them, though.

The King has advised that I do not reveal my true nature to anyone. I have even been given the official title of General Noramdeduk, or Relievemanor. I believe this is in hope that I will ease the tension off the mountain homes by the presence of another fortress. I have promised to export what we can, and hopefully there are sufficient resources where we will settle to help rebuild the army of the King.

My sketches for this fortress are much more complex than the last one. At Pickspells, we were thrust into the open fields with little in the way of defenses. Now we will be able to cut into the mountain and use mother earth for protection.

From the Personal Log of General Noramdeduk,

We have arrived at Obursavot Anil, or HeroicStand of Glory. I hope it won't come to a heroic stand, but the name is noble and worthy of the endeavors here. My companions think I am a military commander of little note, otherwise they would know of me. I will ensure they listen to me.

First I was introduced to my new quartermaster and bookkeeper, Sarek. She seems like a decent enough dwarf but balked at me when i told her that everyone under my command undergoes basic weapon training. She apparently thinks that the fighting should be left to the military. I informed her that she is now part of the military. She doesn't seem happy.

Next is Neo the poet-warrior. She is a swordsdwarf and a jeweler, which is a strange combination. She seems eager for battle, and doesn't have much respect for authority. That will change.

Our field kitchen is headed by Vesa, a virtual dwarf-of-all-trades when it comes to cooking, She cooks, brews, and butchers. An army is led by it's stomach, and she will be central to keeping us fed.

Our smith, Dracnor, is a very useful addition to our force. We will not have an anvil for some time, but having someone who knows his way around a forge is necessary for equipping our forces. Especially since there will be no obsidian where we are settling.

Next is Zak, the miner and mason. He is rumored to be able to do things with stone no other dwarf can. I will have to keep an eye on that. We will be digging deep into the mountains, and having a miner of some skill is always helpful.

Finally is a dwarf I barely took note of, as he was quiet during the entire trip, and immediatly took off to hunt what wild game exists in this wilderness. Malaki is the master of our hunting dogs and is at home in the wild. He is trained in the ways of the spear, though we have none, and is wise in the ways of the wilds. He will be useful in keeping us fed until our farms start producing.

Now we must strike the earth and prepare ourselves for the goblin and elf menace to break upon our fortifications like waves upon the sand. For better or worse, we make a stand here at Obursavot Anil. May we bath in the blood of our enemies and rejoice together in Warhalla.

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