Wednesday, November 12, 2008

More of the Old...Republic

So the Eve Online monster has gotten me again and I've been mindlessly plodding away earning isk for fun new projects, like my brand new line of self-made Mackinaws, buy yours today (Not actually available today).

Anyhow, I have been trying to keep up with our favorite new pet project of LucasArts: The Old Republic, and frankly not much news has been had. Sure there's been developers talking out their proverbial asses about features they'd like to have, and how they can't talk about The Old Republic because that's the first rule of The Old Republic.

So in short, I haven't missed anything by being locked away in space beyond the EDEN wormhole. That said, I've found that I have felt a disturbance in the force, as if millions had hope and were suddenly silenced. Reflecting on this thought, I realized that Bioware is to MMORPG's what that creepy old man who watches the little boys at the bus stop is to kindergarten...A predatory spirit that has no business trying to get inside their pants.

Let's face it, I worship the ground Bioware walks on, when it comes to RPG's (much like I would trust that old man's opinion on what adult diapers to wear if I needed such information), but when it comes to MMORPGs, Bioware is more ackward than the previous metaphor. It makes me uncomfortable knowing that the guy in charge of delivering this bundle of joy has never delivered a MMORPG baby before. I'd rather see it in the less than capable hands of Sony. Sure, they've dropped a few kids in their days, but we already know their malpractice attourney, and we will be sure to prebook a court date.

I'm not saying that Bioware will be totally incapable of making this MMORPG good, but there is a huge doubt in the back of my mind that they will be able to make this MMORPG good. I expect fully a rehash of KOTOR set in an MMORPG sphere. Given that the only reason KOTOR worked was because you could pause it to navigate the combat options, that doesn't seem promising for an MMORPG.

Now with that out of my system, I can return to another space MMORPG to soothe my weary soul after Star Wars Galaxies was held down by Sony and raped countless times while we, the fanbase, could only watch while waiting for the police to arrive. (Consequently, the "police" in the form of LucasArts proceeded to throw Sony off of SWG then flip it over and rape it harder).


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