Saturday, April 17, 2010

A Shard in the Desert

I've played A Tale in the Desert IV off and on for a while; and while the game has appealed to some of my tastes, the large amount of mismanagement by the games developer (and might I add the only one who sees any money out of subscriptions on the development team) Teppy drove me away from the game...

Well Teppy has announced that Tale 5 will probably start in less than six months, and also that he is creating a second server, or shard for the game. This new server will require a new subscription in order to be played on; which to me just translates into more money in his pockets. This is very unfortunate for the player base, and will cause a great deal of trouble for EGenesis, the "company" that runs the game (I use that term loosely).

I'm debating whether or not to try out this new shard, and I will be surely submitting a trial character to it, moreso to discuss the game with former players and see how this new shard is effecting them (at least one of my friends in-game has moved to the new shard). I'll have more of a verdict in the future but for now, this just seems like another money scheme...

However this shard promises to be "Player driven" instead of developer driven...meaning all the tests and techs will be coded ahead of time, like the game is complete or something....yeah I know...real revolutionary.

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