Tuesday, June 22, 2010

On Blizzard’s Real ID system

I’ve been feeling the urge the last few days to play WoW, and I realize that the reason is not so much to play, but rather to chat with some of my online friends whom are usually too busy playing to chat outside of the game. Blizzard may have a solution for this in their new RealID system. Essentially it is a steam-esque chat system, but the real power in it is that you can talk to your friends without having to remember what characters they play and you can find them online even if they are not in the game you are playing (WoW, Warcraft, Starcraft, etc).

While I haven’t been able to register or use the system yet, I am very excited about it and hope to have a more thorough review soon. Please stay tuned to see if this program is a success or just sucky.


  1. I read the patch notes yesterday and it bothered me enough to write about it here.

    Basically, what bothers me most is that you will not be able to hide from your friends when you want to. :P

  2. Logging on from work and I can't access your blog, but I will read it when I get home. Oddly enough mine is about the only gamer blog I've found that is not blocked, lucky for me I guess (not having game or gamer in the web address is the only reason I believe).

    Anyway, short of having a second account, paying a second set of fees, and the like just to hide from your friends, I agree. I'm a bit of an alt-oholic, and I definately use characters, especially of opposite factions, to hide from my friends when i don't feel like tanking/healing/being pressured into a raid. Unless they have a way of stealthing or appearing offline like Yahoo or other Instant messengers (even Steam) then it will not be a widely used or effective system.

    I really want to test it out, but WoW and SC2 seem to be the only games it will work for.