Friday, June 25, 2010

On Experiments

I'm looking to start another experiment along the lines of my failed WoW Experiment, where I looked at the time it took to level two different classes in WoW. At first I thoguht I would simply level all classes (except Death Knight) to level 20 or 30 and see how long it took, how much money they earned, and the like. However, since I am no longer playing WoW, and have no desire to put that much effort into that game, I cannot do that experiment. Looking at the MMO's available to me at the moment, none seem that interesting to perform any sort of levelling experiment. I do, however, welcome suggestions if you have any.

I am thinking about getting into Entropia Universe again, as they have had several interesting developments. I am not wanting to invest money so I could easily do an experiment on the fabled no-deposit playstyle. If I keep decent records it should pose interesting to look at this supposedly free to play game and see if its possible to enjoy the game while depositing no money.

I also have half a mind to do some mining to see the returns on that. Perhaps if I earn enough on sweating I could get into mining, but again, the fact I am not depositing makes this very difficult. Honestly, maybe that is what will make it fun: the difficulty. I am bored of games that are too easy, and while I could spend a bunch of money to get the best gear and skill implants, I could also just stick with one or two things, get good at them, and try to break even. Heck, what's the worst that could happen? I'm not going to loose money, and I know better now than to sell everything I find to the vendor.


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