Wednesday, June 23, 2010

On the MMO Market

I’ve noticed a drought recently of decent MMORPG titles. Many promising games seem to be pushed off and pushed off, and just around the corner are two interesting games: Guild Wars 2 and Final Fantasy 14. I’m beginning to wonder if there is even room in the MMORPG market at the moment with WoW dominating the way it is. No game has so much as nudged the giant of the industry.

Final Fantasy 14 will probably fare the same. It will be the same story as FFXI, probably with updated graphics and maybe a slightly different class and ability system. With any luck the crafting system will be diverse and strange as it was in XI. I will probably play this game when it is released, if only to see what it is like.

Guild Wars 2 will, I hope, be free to play like the first title. I will play it primarily because of that, but I hope it is able to do something innovative. Honestly I don’t expect much out of the game. It will certainly not be a WoW buster as it can be considered of another genre all together; namely being a free to play MMO after the software is purchased.

The other game that will be coming out is, of course, SWTOR. I’m not sure how I feel about this game. It could be very good, but I still feel a looming threat of mediocrity that will prevent it from being the game it should be. I want a strong Star Wars game, but I fear that the only chance we had at one died a long time ago.

I hope that something will come along to nudge WoW out of the leader position, only because that will mean another MMO that has something in it that is very worth playing. Oh well, I can dream.


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