Monday, June 28, 2010

On the new Sweating Mechanic in Entropia Universe

Sweating has been the only real way to play Entropia Universe without depositing. Well, unfortunately it was removed and redone from its previous iterations. The new system is…well buggy and broken. I will avoid my usual conspiracy theory but will add one note saying that I believe that MindArc will not improve or debug this system for a while, as it is the only part of the system they really don’t make any money off of, and frustrated newbies will either leave the game or deposit. Either way MindArc wins.

The old system of sweating required a two-step process. First you would meditate or charge up, then you would channel at a mob, and a text notification would pop up telling you whether you were successful or not. It took a while to get anything but it was consistent and worked decently. Also, if I remember right, you got quite a few (10-20ish) bottles of sweat per successful attempt, even if most weren’t successful.

The new system requires you to equip a tool like most other parts of the game, and click on a mob to select it, then click again to activate the tool. You then must keep your cursor aimed on the mob for five seconds. Might not seem that hard, but in reality the mobs zoom around at seemingly random, making this almost impossible to do consistently. Once you are successful, you will only get a handful of bottles of sweat, the most I got off of mobs is 4.

The problems are numerous, but the biggest one I see is that you have to keep a mob with very bad pathing and bad agro control targeted with your cursor. The mobs do have collision detection, meaning they will push you around, which complicates the whole matter. I’ve also heard that skill in sweat gathering has nothing to do with your ability to sweat. An additional problem is that your tool will not always start gathering sweat. There is a graphic that appears as a green field when it works, and there are reports of as many as thirty nine clicks of the tool before it will fire. My own personal worst is about a dozen and best is about six before it will work.

Your mileage may vary, but I see this as a great impediment to doing any sort of sweating experiment in EU.


  1. I'm an EU noob. I guess if I want to become a big game hunter, I'll need to put USD cash in for weapons, ammo and armor before I start converting mobs into PEDs. Any suggestions? Where do I go to find mobs? PS - I've never been able to successfully chat with anyone I've seen in EU. Where can I find a step-by-step? Thanks.

  2. Unfortunately, most hunters keep their hunting areas, strategies, etc a secret because real money is involved.

    I was never a hunter, and EU hasn't managed to keep my interest, so I'm not much help here.