Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Irony of Cataclysm

There is a bit of irony in Blizzard's new expansion. For many years the players in Azeroth have tried and battled against mighty hordes to save their world from destruction, to keep their people and homes safe. They have ventured out of this world and to the top of Icecrown to defeat the malicious lords and ladies that would destroy this planet...

And yet they will cheer when the world is torn and ripped by Deathwing.

Players are EAGERLY awaiting the changes that are coming. Eagerly awaiting the utter destruction of the places they "grew up" in and levelled through. Some are even getting very impatient that Deathwing hasn't destroyed everything yet. Now, I know I'm waiting on some "beach front" property investments to pay off in Thousand Needles, but isn't it just a bit strange that the same people who fought off the Lich King so he wouldn't scourge the world free of the blight of living things are waiting such massive changes to their world?

Just thought it was weird. As you know I will not be playing Cataclysm (though I will be looking at screenshots to see how the zones changed). If you're going to play it, I hope you enjoy it.


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