Thursday, July 8, 2010

On Eve and Time Commitments

I've recently considered a return to Eve Online, however, I remember how much time I spent on that game. I had a system to make quite a lot of money by running an NPC corp standing service, but it ate a lot of real life time, not only in the actual mission running but also waiting on customers to get online. All in all it was much more of a job than anything else.

If I play Eve again, I will play it enough to buy PLEXes every month to remove the need of a subscription. That said, doing even that could take a lot of time every month. Last time I was playing, I played at least six hours a day, time that I do not have at all now, let alone have that I would want to spend on a single game when there are many other things to do. I'm wondering if it is possible to spend a mere hour on Eve a day and still make enough every month for a PLEX. It strikes me that this would require earning ten million isk every hour, which is doable in many cases, but will lead to doing nothing but that every day. That repetition would be boring which defeats the whole purpose.

That said, is it any different than playing WoW and grinding out the same instances for badges every day? Or really any MMORPG. You are either levelling, grinding for money or gear, or PVPing. It seems to all combine together into one big pile until there is little left but grinding.

Ah well. Sometimes I wish the current generation of MMO's would die so something new would spring forth out of an empty market. Something truly fun to play that you could pick up for one hour or six. I'm just rambling now though, I think.


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