Monday, July 12, 2010

On the Nintendo 3DS

I spoke recently about the evolution of the DS and my thoughts on it as an anti-emulation technology. Well, my friend pointed out that the next generation of the DS is actually a three dimensional gaming platform. While I haven't researched this extensively yet (nor am I looking forward to buying yet another gaming system), I am interested in the fact that it is similar to my musings on the Nintendo DS.

That is to say that the 3DS, is a technology that will be hard to emulate on most computers. In truth the Wii also is almost impossible to emulate, which makes the three newest Nintendo hardware choices all difficult or impossible to emulate. I find it very interesting.

Now, I will admit that it is hard to find a decent emulator for anything after the first playstation, but the other systems should still be theoretically doable, that is without any difficult things to emulate. If one is using a gamepad especially. I do wonder about the future of emulation, and whether every game company will invent a gimick so that their consoles are more diversified from PC's than they already are. Then again, I may just be looking for a conspiracy where there is none.

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