Wednesday, July 7, 2010

On Returning to Warcraft 3 Multiplayer

Its been a long while since I played Warcraft 3, let along Warcraft 3 on Battle.net. Since I am no longer playing WoW, but I still like the world and feel of Warcraft, I think its time I returned to the multiplayer parts of this game. I've never been very good, but I think this stems from a lack of experience and a lack of specializing in one faction.

As such I think I will play as the orc, though I may decide the overall range prowess of the night elves suits my purposes better. Either way I will play and practice with my chosen faction and try to learn and get better. Expect future posts to detail my successes or failures (mainly failures), hopefully complete with replays for those wanting to ridicule me.

Feedback is always appreciated.

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