Friday, July 2, 2010

On Turn based War Games

I'm a bit of an addict to turn based strategy and war games. Lately, though, i find that I am playing a lot of Advance Wars and Fire Emblem. I'm even joining a fire emblem RPG game on a webcomic forum I frequest. I'm not sure why I like these games so much.

I also play real time war games, like Hearts of Iron 3, and a handful of others (some with more RTS elements than not), but these I don't find nearly as fascinating. HOI 3 is very interesting and complex, but there's something about turn based that is more fun...I wish I could really figure it out.

Maybe its the fact that these games are overtly turn based. No matter how real combat seems it is all based on turns in some way shape or form. HOI 3 battles are turn based, and reload times for tanks and the like makes many "reality based" war games act in a similar way. Maybe this is just because they have to be, because they are computer games.

I think the real truth to it all is that I am a strategist. I enjoy planning out military tactics and executing them. Turn based games make this easier and more straightforward than games that act more in real time. I'll probably just have a different answer for it tomorrow thoguh.


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