Friday, September 30, 2011

The Customer is Rarely Right

Having worked retail for five, going on six years, I'm more than a bit cynical about it. Okay, I'm extraordinarily cynical about it. Okay, I'm extraordinarily cynical about everything, but even more so about working retail. Anyway, after a nice long shift today I'm thoroughly convinced that the guy who propagated the phrase "The Customer is Always Right" has committed major crimes against humanity.

Why do I think this? Well, because customers have become a race of self-absorbed, self-entitled assholes. They believe that service clerks should sprinkle rose petals and roll out the red carpet for them (figuratively of course) and every other customer should be ignored so they can be helped first. It would be a tragedy if they had to put something back on the same shelf they put it up from. In short, they act like animals instead of people...spoiled animals at that.

Maybe its because I've worked retail so long, but if I don't want something I have picked up, I put it back where it belongs. If I knock down a stack of items, I put them back on the shelf. If something is more expensive than I think it should be, I don't bitch about it for a half hour. I do not have kids, but I would certainly not stand idly by while they screamed and ran up and down isles, knocked down or destroyed stuff, and acted like rabid dogs rather than children.

The very sad thing is that I don't think any of this is that extraordinary. When did this stuff stop being the norm? At what point did people knock stuff down and not think they should pick it up, or that a random shelf somewhere is not the place they should return random items to? The biggest one, though, is when did it become okay to treat cashiers and clerks like shit?

I'm not even talking about holidays, or black Friday (both of which are usually deplorable times that show the worst possible cases of these things). Today there was part of an end-cap with a foot of empty space. No less than ten times I removed a pile of random crap from that same section, and ten times it was filled up again with crap. Not to mention dozens of kids that were left without parents. One little girl rode a display bike around the racks for thirty minutes without a parent in sight. I'm very surprised that pedophiles don't "shop" for their marks at our store.

Thinking about it further, I hate seeing this stuff as a customer. It makes me think that people really are self-absorbed pricks. I would pay a little more to shop at a store where their policy was to ask people who acted in such disruptive ways to leave and do their shopping somewhere else. I think this sort of a store would attract a lot of customers...mainly because nobody thinks they are a bad customer. I doubt it would stay in business very long, just because the talking heads of mass media wouldn't approve of one person being denied what they think is their right to shop in any store...when will people realize that whatever they want isn't a God given, or even State given right? You have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. If you are American, you have the rights to freedom of speech, assembly, to bear arms etc., but nowhere in there is a right to be a dick.

Just my thoughts

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