Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Alchemy in Skyrim

I've yet to play Skyrim, both because of lack of time and because I cannot justify the cost for a game that will have the same playability in six months when it will be twenty dollars cheaper at least (even more if I get it used from gamestop like I do for most of my games). However, I've been looking over the crafting even further, and have some thoughts.

First, I'm glad that the game allows you to make and use poisons. Don't get me wrong, you could make "poisons" in Morrowind, but you could only use them on yourself, which made them pointless (most of the "poisons" were just bad secondary effects for good potions). Not to mention the Purity perk which removes helpful stats from poisons and hurtful ones from potions. All in all, a solid improvement to the system.

Secondly, I'm glad that the intellect stacking problem has been solved by removing fortify intellect from the list of potions (at least that I've seen, I could be wrong). In Morrowind, you could make intellect potions, drink them, and make more. This would increase your effective alchemy level, because its intellect based. Also, since your alchemy screen paused the world, you could abuse the low duration of those first potions. It's quite beautiful in its simplicity, but also terribly game breaking when you have buffs that last for 8 years and fortify your skills and attributes (which should have a base max of 100) to millions.

In terms of a guide for alchemy being here, sorry I don't have the knowledge to help you. However, I can point you in the right direction. There are countless guides that show the herbs and the effects each has. After that, you just have to match two herbs that provide the effect without having an adverse effect matching as well. Then make your potions, the higher the alchemy skill the better the potion.

Have fun

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