Wednesday, November 9, 2011

More On Economics Games

I was thinking more on economic games, and I have realized that it is a bigger genre than I originally thought. It seems to be made of a couple kinds of games: Trading games, production games, and a hybrid of the two.

Trading games are pretty self explanatory. You take the role of a merchant or trading empire, and you move goods from place to place to make profit (alternatively if this is a stock style game, you buy and sell stocks). These games are your space merchants, port royale, and the like. You don't care where goods are made, so long as you can trade them to make money. It does you good to have production facilities run out of raw materials because it will drive the price up. Your goals are to become richer, and that is about it.

Production games are the opposite. You have facilities that make things that you need raw materials for. Sometimes you will have to make farms and the like to produce these items, but more likely you will "trade" for them, usually in the form of an expense on your balance sheet and little else. Your money comes from the "value added" by refining/reprocessing the materials that enter your facility.

The hybrid version of this incorporates some of both. You are a merchant, but you can own production buildings. Because of this, you have to take an active role in supplying your facility, either by offering higher buy prices than average or by bringing the goods to your facility yourself. However, you can also can ensure the best price by selling them where they are really needed.

The game I desire is in the hybrid sphere because it is interesting. You are getting two or more games in one; the trading and the production game, as well as the hybrid areas. I'd prefer a space based game, but am not that picky.

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