Thursday, November 17, 2011

Thoughts on Webcomics

Going to briefly chat about webcomics. it seems these days that everyone has one, and they all increase the popularity of a site by a large amount, or at least that is what it appears to me. Now, most of these people, at least those with the most hits, are good artists, good writers, and have a good reason to have webcomics on their site. Others, however, do not.

There are numerous examples of "good" webcomics, but it is ultimately up to taste. I vastly prefer story to art (though exceptionally crappy art is a turn off), and as such, I prefer the works of Somer (Least I could Do, Looking For Group, and The Gutters), Rich Burlew (probably spelled that wrong of Order of the Stick), Rob and Xin (of Erfworld), and, of course, Thunt (of Goblins). Now all of these have both amazing art and great story (especially the level of detail in erfworld). It really takes both to be super succesful, and these guys have it.

But what about those who lack one or the other? Simply put, you can overcome badish art, but you cannot replace a good storyline. The story is what keeps people coming back every few days to read more.

I'm considering doing a comic spotlight now...especially grabbing those lesser known comics, and criticizing them. I think I'll do it, but not tonight.

Anyway, rambling now so I will stop. If you know of a good comic you think I should see leave a comment, and if anyone is looking for a good writer, let me know.


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