Saturday, March 24, 2012

Blizzard's New Scroll of Ressurrection

Okay, I tried it, and its very sad how little of the game i have played....

I activated my scroll, changed my lvl 30 druid into a lvl 80 druid, and played a dungeon with my friend who sent me the scroll. Then I played through the first dozen quests in water-world, and the first few dozen quests in hyjal, tried a little pvp, tried a little guild politics, tried to keep my sanity in trade chat....

I think the part of me that liked WoW is broken. No matter how much I try to remember what I loved about this game so long ago, it isn't there. Probably because the guys I played and had fun with (and always drug me back into the game) are now off playing TOR (which as mentioned, I refuse to play until its survived 7 months). I think this whole scroll thing is a great idea, Blizzard, it allowed me to see that I don't want to play your game anymore, especially when most of why I was playing it was to get all my characters to 85....skipping that much of the game (30-80) showed me just how little I was enjoying the goal and how much I was enjoying the levelling and bullshitting.

Oh well, looks like I need a new hobby.

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