Wednesday, March 7, 2012

World of Warcraft, now even easier

Got an email in my inbox today saying that a friend sent me a scroll of resurrection for world of warcraft, and it included not only a free level advancement to 80 for one character but also cataclysm for free. First I thought this a scam, but the likelihood of them knowing a character name of someone I knew and my email address seemed a bit improbable. Everything about this deal seems legitimate, on top of getting seven free days, a free realm change, and a free faction change.

WTF Blizzard? Is the game not easy enough as it is? I really don't get how this is good advertising, except maybe for the fact taht if I started to play again, I wouldn't need the cataclysm (as I have it) or the realm/faction change (as my character is on the same realm and faction as my friend....but I'd probably still use it on another character) or the free character levelling (as again, my character is 85, but I'd use it on another character). This just seems really screwed up....


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