Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Bored of Eve Online, Perish the Thought...

I've been looking for something to occupy my few minutes of spare time, and believed that Eve Online might do it.  However, a patch released today has taken the final bits of fun from the game for me.  I'm not going to whine and say that things were better in the olden days, but merely mention that the game has gotten to be too difficult for a casual gamer to play without paying the subscription fee (for those that aren't aware, Eve Online has a system in place where you can buy game time via an in-game market.  Other players can sell game time in exchange for in game currency, and you can buy game time for in game currency).

The reasons for my inability to continue playing are based on a few facts:
1. PLEX (Pilot License Extensions, or 30 days of game time) are currently around 500 million isk.  Last time I played they were closer to 350m.  This high cost is the first factor to the problems with gameplay.  I now have to earn at least 500m each month to pay for my game time.

2. Faction items have been moved to the regular market.  Most of what I did to make money was sell faction items on contracts (along with a good number of other people).  Now that this specialty market has been merged in with the regular market of Jita, the time and skill training I invested in it is useless.  Meanwhile these items have been handed over to the regular market traders, to whom it represents one buy order out of three hundred....as opposed to a contract which was one out of about thirty, you could finagle up to one hundred or so total if you used a corporation.

3. Mission Rats no longer drop several items they used to (T1 modules).  This significantly reduces income from reprocessing that was a viable second income source beforehand.

4. Mineral prices have skyrocketed, making everything more expensive.  if I loose a ship in a mission, it costs significantly more to replace it.  My ammo costs more, as do replacement drones.  Basically, everything I use is more expensive.

So these changes have 1. removed my primary income source and 2. made any alternative untenable as well.  What's the point in playing your game CCP?  I don't have 8 hours a day to mine or mission just to make "rent."   It is unfortunate that you have one of the best ideas for a skill system and use in-game currency to play, but are unable to keep a stable, fun game.  Needless to say I will not be resubbing after my 30 days is up.


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