Saturday, March 16, 2013

Mega Crafting Game - Development Journal 4

This post is an in-depth detailing of the crafting process.

Step 1: Blueprint selection 

The crafter will have access to a wide variety of blueprints to make items.  These blueprints have many differences between them, requiring different resources and ending in different items.  Examples of blueprints would be a two-handed sword blueprint, a longsword blueprint, a bow blueprint, etc.  As blueprints are used, they increase in level (representing how well you know the design specifications).

Step 2: Resource Selection

Your blueprint will have slots for resources, and some restrictions on them.  For example, a longsword may have resources needed for the handle, the crossguard, the core, and the edge.  The handle can be made of almost any material, while the crossguard needs to be of metal, and the core and edge also need to be of metal.  I would like it to be possible to combine several different kinds of resources to fill the slots, to give the crafter all the versatility to make just about everything.

Note about slots ->  You can pre-make some slot components for items, made with their own blueprint.  This will be required to add crafted enchantments to an item, as the component blueprints will have a slot for the enhancement but the stock blueprint will not.

Step 3: Initial Combine and Experimentation

When you hit submit, the game calculates the qualities of the resources, adds in your skill and some random chance, and creates an item with stats generated from your resources (it is impossible to get your resources back at this point).  Once you have these stats, you can experiment with them to move some stats around, and make your final item.

Step 4: Naming and Colorization

Once the item is finalized, you can name it, and adjust the color scheme.  Depending on the resources used, the item will have a stock look representing the colors of the resources used (i.e. copper will have a copper look, iron will have a silver look).

More on resource stats and ideas on that later.

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