Thursday, March 21, 2013

Mega Crafting Game - Development Journal 8

This journal will be dedicated to the worker section of the Mega Crafting Game.  Workers are based on the DOFF system of Star Trek Online, modified by some additions that I would have liked to see in that game.

Basics:  The worker section is a basic addition to the rest of the game.  Workers perform tasks that are similar to the ones the character can perform (gathering resources, refining them, building basic components, etc).  As they complete tasks, they gain skills and traits that make them better at certain tasks.  A competent worker force is necessary for a productive crafter or strong warrior.

Tasks: There are a variety of tasks that a worker can perform, but they fall into one of the three spheres: crafting, gathering or combat.  Crafting tasks involve making either components, or addons for items.  Bonuses (that can be bought through the cash shop) can be crafted through the worker section.  Gathering tasks take some of the monotony away from gathering resources "by hand."  Gathering tasks also include refining, which sacrifices some quantity of a resource to purify it into a higher quality.  Finally, combat tasks provide bonuses to your combat skills, and can even level them up.

Workers:  Each worker is a unique unit that is hired or recruited by a specialized task.  They come with some traits, specializations, and skills.  As they perform tasks, they have a chance to gain traits, specializations, and skill xp.  The more tasks you put a worker on, the better they will become.  However, tasks also have a risk of injuring the worker.  Sometimes these injuries are permanent, resulting in negative traits.

Differences between this and Doff system:  The big difference is that your workers will get better as they perform more tasks.  By performing tasks they gain xp, specializations and traits.  The downside to this is that they have a chance to be injured, and have a chance to gain injuries that persist for some time.  I've decided injuries should be curable, but they will take time, resources, and a task slot to do so (unlike how injuries in the Doff system are temporary, and curing them does not take up a task slot, and is done automatically).  I want people to choose carefully how they use their workers, and not just assign the best one to every task (i.e. you might have a great miner, but there's a dangerous task available.  Instead of sending him, you send a lesser worker, which results in a lesser yield, but an easier loss if you have a mishap in the task).


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