Saturday, March 30, 2013

Napoleon Total War Egypt Campaign

Now the next campaign in Napoleon Total War: Egypt.  Here you will face off against the Ottomans and English in a battle to control one of the earliest civilizations in the world.

This map is an opportunist paradise.  You are facing large threats on land and sea, and at any moment the British could drop a force of troops anywhere along the coast.  Its a fun campaign that will require you to look for every opportunity to advance.

Cairo:  Your first priority should be Cairo.  To make your way to the city, you will have to fight your way through several other cities first.  Take the small army you start with and attack Damanhour.  Then use Napoleon to attack Mahalla al-Kubra.  Attack immediately with Napoleon because the city is poorly defended.  Recruit additional troops, and press on to Cairo.  You can start researching new technology once Cairo is captured.  You should use your army from Damanhour, after its replenished and supplied, to attack Mansoura and Damietta.  Damietta can build a university which will allow two technologies to be researched at a time.

The British:  You should begin building a navy from the beginning of the game, and should protect your dockyard in Alexandria with troops.  Alexandria should be protected with artillery and any units you can spare.  Build some sloops to be used in tracking the British fleet, but your primary fleet will be used to land troops later.

Southern Conquests:  Once Napoleon and his army are ready for battle again, you should focus your attention southward.  While he holds off any counterattacks, take your other army south to siege Beni Suef and Fayum.  Pause for a moment to repair and resupply your troops, and fend off any counterattacks.  Then press on to capture Minya.  The next challenge is the desert itself.  The easy way to beat this obstacle is to build a cavalry army that will spend fewer turns of attrition in the desert, and attack Awlad Ali, which is poorly defended.  Be careful of counterattacks before taking the city.  

While you are playing in the desert with your second army, take Napoleon to siege Zagazig, and then Suez.   Your southern army should be brought back to Cairo to support Napoleon as soon as its done with its operations above.  Build a camel cavalry army in Awlad Ali, and march across the desert to invade Ababda.  It will be a tough fight as it is a well defended city.  Anything but camel cavalry will be severely damaged in the desert crossing, so don't bother sending any other troops.  This city is considered optional, but if you don't take it, you will suffer raids almost constantly.  Its easier to eliminate the Bediun threat.

Consolidate your Napoleonic and other armies to build a strong force.  With this army, advance on Arish, and attack it swiftly.  Taking this city will mean the Ottomans decide to attack, and they will send raiding parties across your province.  Its best to prepare a counterattack for any incursions.  

Cyprus:  Cyprus is a difficult task, as the British fleet is still lurking.  You should build an expeditionary force to embark on the ships (Napoleon should stay on the mainland), and send them out as soon as you have a sizable force and can evade the British.  

The Ottomans:  Napoleon should press up through to Gaza.  The Ottomans are good fighters with large armies. Its best to focus on Artillery, building ordnance factories to eek out any advantage you can over the Ottomans.  After Gaza you should take Jaffa.  Jaffa will grant you another shipyard, which can be used to build further ships to destroy the British.  While your army is still in good shape, you should attack Acre (ignoring Jerusalem for now).  It will be a tough fight, but will leave you with a very good defensive position.  Once Acre is secure, you should swing around and take Jerusalem.  At this point you have the choice: either strike at Damascus directly, and win the campaign, or take Tyer and Beiruit first to weaken the enemy before the final push.  You can also attack the British, but it isn't necessary, you have held them off this long anyway.
Hope that helps some.


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