Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Dragon's Tale

Dragon's Tale is an interesting video game concept.  It is an MMORPG that is also a casino.  You can win real bitcoins from these games, which makes it a fun and potentially lucrative game.  However, it still retains many aspects of eGenesis's other game, A Tale in the Desert, and if you've played ATITD, you will recognized many of the graphical elements of this game.

Teppy, or Di as he is known in Dragon's Tale, has masterfully created a wide variety of games of chance and skill to entertain users while they gamble for high or low stakes.  The game offers a variety of fun activities from digging for treasure to betting on what square a monkey will head for.

Some of the games include:

Soldiers:  Statues will occasionally give you free money.

Cow Tipping: Master different techniques to knock down cows.

Ming Vases: Match vases to win big

Friendship Farm: Stuff the pigs to kill them, and earn rewards

Drinks: Have a drink, and win coins.  Buy for your friends and hope they return the favor.

Berry Growing: Try your luck at growing berries.  More you grow, the more you earn.

Herb Gathering: Find herbs and get money from picking them.

Benches: Bet on a bench, give it a kick, and potentially earn half again as much as your bet.

Really, games fall into three categories:  Pure  luck, a mix of luck and skill, and entirely skill based.  There is a lot of debate over what games fall into what category.  For example, coconut tree falls solely into luck, as it is based on random chance, but a game like berry growing requires some skill and some luck....or it could be completely skill based.  Teppy has kept his skills from ATITD in keeping the playerbase guessing as to what exactly the cause and effect relationship is in these games.

In all, its definitely worth trying out.  You can easily get some starting coin from the statues, and experiment to see if you like the game.  The community is great, and many people are quite helpful (finding a good mentor is a good thing, but people are willing to part with some secrets if you are friendly).  I strongly recommend giving it a shot.

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