Thursday, September 5, 2013

Bitcoins Again and Donations

So a couple interesting things I thought I'd mention.  First, the usual busy with work/busy with school plague hit, and I've stopped posting for a little bit.  Might be harder on anyone actually interested in the Imperial Destiny project, as serials are so hard to be patient on.  I'm going to try for a minimum of one update on that a week, but we'll see how that goes.  I really need to build a dedicated site to it and pre-write a bunch of updates when I have time, and schedule them to post regularly.  Anyway, thoughts for the future.

Next, I'm adding my bitcoin address to the side bar.  If anyone wishes to donate some bitcoins to me, feel free.  Shoot me an email at tigerus2004 at gmail.com with your bitcoin address and donation amount and I will throw a special thankyou out.  I do not have any other forms of donation open at the moment just so I don't have to think about taxes and declaring it all.  Bitcoin donations will go towards my tinkering around with the notion of cryptocurrency, so don't think that I'm going to cash them out immediately.  Cryptocurrency is quite an interesting thing, even if I am very uncertain about its sustainability in a world where some bankers are the biggest criminals.

Speaking of bitcoins, in my efforts to figure them out a bit, I've come across numerous sites that offer occasional free coins.  One I visit fairly often and that is fairly unobtrusive is bitvisitor  You won't get rich off this site, but its nice to earn a few bitmils with almost no effort.  Now, I've earned more off of statues in dragon's tale, but free is free.

If you'd like my bitcoin address it is 19PVQcD5RBmVZMEwcz5QxEQPeWxX6M7Khm   Like I said, also posting it to the side.


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