Monday, September 16, 2013

Imperial Destiny Page 11

                “So, we are married.” Prallan said.
                “As of last night, yes.” Lily answered.  She had put on a flowing silk robe that, while covering her, did little to hide what was underneath.  “You saw the Admiral in the bar we were at, asked him for a favor before you shipped out, and he obliged you.  He even took us up to the Flare and his Captain performed the ceremony.  A little rushed, but it was nice.”
                “You remember the whole thing?”
                “Apparently you don’t drink much.  I was raised on Pyrus IV, there are more barrels of Fire Spirits on that planet than there are people.  Off-worlders can get a buzz from breathing the air there, let alone living in it for seventeen years.”  Prallan should have guessed her heritage from her features.  Most of the people from the fourth planet of Pyrus had a dark complexion.  “I remember the whole thing.  We had to get the special permission of the ranking officer of our duty station, that was the good Admiral, and the chief officer of our vessel, since that was you, they temporarily assigned command of the Jinar to some Commander they pulled out of a bulkhead, who gave his permission.  Oaths to each other, Oaths to the Empire, four bottles of Fire Spirits that the Admiral pulled from somewhere, and we came down here to the honeymoon suit for the last night on planet together.”
                “I’m not sure how this is even going to work.  I’m an officer, you’re a crewman.  I ship out tomorrow, and you…”
                “Also ship out tomorrow on the same ship, remember?  Whatever is left of the Jinar’s crew is going with you on your year-long exploration journey.  Besides, you just got promoted to first officer, which means you’ve gone from sharing a room with three others to your own private quarters….our own private quarters.” She flashed him a wry grin.  “We are married now, so you’d best get used to having me around, because I am not going anywhere.”
                The room started to spin again, and Prallan sat down hard on the bed.  “This is all really sudden.  How did we even get started in this whole thing?”
                She sat down next to him, and put her hand in his.  Her hazel eyes stared deep into his.  “Well, first you save my life instead of leaving me to die in a corridor that depressurized.  Then when I found you to thank you for saving my life, you apologized for any discomfort or injury to my pride you may have caused me while saving my life.  You were cute and sweet, and I think I’d have fallen for you without the whole owing you my life thing.”  She gave him another mischievous smile.  “And, of course, you fell in love with me because I am beautiful, smart, charming…”
                “And so modest,” Prallan finished.  “This is very sudden, and I am not sure what this will mean for our life on the Hermus, but I am lucky to have a beautiful, smart, and charming wife.”  She smiled, and rested her head on his chest. 

“Even if I barely know her.” He thought to himself.

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