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Imperial Destiny Page 15

                Unpacking took little time, and their quarters was tidy and slightly better decorated than it had been when they arrived.  Prallan stared at a picture Lily had set up on her desk.  It showed both of them in their dress uniforms, standing before a brazier, with Admiral Wintan standing behind it.  Undoubtedly, this was their wedding picture.  Prallan’s memory of that day was still not fully recovered, but he did remember laughing with Lily in a bar.
                “I have to report to Chief Wurstol.” Lily said, having changed from her travel-wrinkled uniform to a clean one.
                “That might be difficult, as she doesn’t know she is Chief of Engineering yet.”  Prallan said, pulling his shirt over his head.  “I have scheduled a meeting for the whole command staff in ten minutes, and the decision will be made final there.”
                “So our interim Chief is who exactly?”
                “Wurstol.  I’ll admit, I just made it final as she seemed to be doing a good job.  At any rate, she will be busy, so you may as well just report to engineering instead of to her specifically.  She should be back down there soon, it won’t be a long meeting.”  Prallan pulled a clean shirt on, and put on his uniform coat.
                “I’d like to make a good impression on her.  Couldn’t you just reschedule the meeting?”  She straightened the collar on his coat.
                “I could, but then you would get a reputation for being the First Officer’s wife who always gets her way.”  He stole a quick kiss.
                “So, I never get my way?” Lily pouted playfully.  “The whole reason I got you drunk an married you was for power, and I won’t even have any of that?”
                “Darling, you know you have all the power over me any woman could want.” He kissed her forehead.  “But the Imperial Navy has rules about that sort of thing.  I can’t abuse my power, even if my wife really wants me to.”
                “Fine…..I’ll just report to engineering, then.”  She smiled, and walked quickly to the door.
                “Lily.”  She stopped at the door.  “I’m very happy to have you here with me.  You are the smartest, funniest, best humored, and most beautiful woman I have ever met.”
                “Trying to sweet talk me out of my lust for power?” She grinned. “It won’t work”
                “No…..its just….” Prallan sighed.  “I was worried this would be an overly complicated mess, and that I had really screwed up and made a drunk mistake that would ruin both our careers….”
                “The beginning of this conversation was better than that second part,” she said, crossing her arms.  “Better finish strong, or have an angry wife.”
                “I’m not worried anymore.  This is right, this feels right, and I know we are going to be happy for a very long time…..I love you, Lily.”

                She was in his arms in a second, with a kiss that nearly knocked him to the ground.  “I really wish you didn’t have a meeting in a few minutes, but I guess rescheduling a meeting so your wife can ravish you for saying lovely things would be against the Imperial Navy’s rules.”

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