Friday, June 13, 2014

How horrible can I be at Hearthstone?

I'm an avid card player.  In my life I've played Magic the Gathering (many, many, many times, and I've given away all my cards way too many times as well), pokemon (most recently a month ago with my brother in law using only the original 150 pokemon), YuGiOh (mostly electronic, but the same brother in law was a tournament player at one point), Scrolls, and probably dozens of little card games nobody has heard of (electronic and print).  In addition to this, I am also working up a card game of my own, which I hope to have on kickstarter this year (and many, many development blogs on it in the interim).

So....about three weeks ago I started playing Hearthstone.  It has a lot of interesting elements, and my decks suck a lot right now (I play to do dailies more or less so I can get expert packs and improve my deck), and I'm ranked a measly 21, with far too many losses to count.  I would be surprised if I get above 15 this season....heck I will be shocked if I get to 20.  My next goal is to simply get all the basic cards unlocked (which I've done for about 4-5 of the classes).  Most of my expert cards are commons, but I do have Doomhammer, which is my rarest card (and inevitably when I play it it gets slimed).

I've decided that the way for me to have the most fun with Hearthstone (and to learn the most from my mistakes) is to fraps it and put it on youtube.  I'm dubbing this project "VG Philosopher Plays Hearthstone....Badly" and it will be available on my new youtube channel, which will be linked for the first video.  Don't expect good play because I am terrible at Hearthstone and have horrible cards.

Until then.


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