Sunday, June 15, 2014

Party Raid Sample Turn 2

Continued from Party Raid Sample Turn - 1

    The fighter, having four tactics previously, discards a card to get another tactic for a total of five.  He plays Total Defense, by tapping two of them, which increases his defense by 2 with a persist cost of 1.  He is out of cards, so he makes a basic attack, dealing 2 damage due to the wizard deciding not to persist the Bear's Strength spell.  The ghoul is still alive, however.

    The rogue doesn't discard this turn, instead he plays Cloak of Darkness, which gives him one extra tapped energy.  He uses his three energy to play Deadly Poison, which allows his equipped throwing dagger to deal 4 damage instead of 2.  He unequips it (free) to throw the dagger at the ghoul.  With the poison, it would deal 4 damage, which would be negated by the ghoul's overall defense of 4.  However, the rogue has a special ability that allows him to deal 2 extra damage whenever another player or minion not controlled by the rogue has dealt damage to the creature.  He could also sacrifice his stealth points for a chance to deal even more damage, but he choses not to.

   The wizard discards a card to gain an untapped mana for a total of five.  He casts Mana Vent to increase his total mana to six.  Then he plays Summon Monster for 3 mana to create a 4 health 3 attack minion with the ability "Once per turn change the target of an attack or spell to this creature".  This spell normally would be exiled after cost (removed from play) but the wizard decides to use his special ability and pay 3 spellbook pages (cost of spell) to keep the spell in his hand instead after casting.

     The priest dismisses his Immortal Blessing.  He casts Divine Intervention with 4 of his 5 divinity.  This spell allows a target to ignore the first 6 damage dealt this turn, and gives the priest one faith point per damage prevented in this way.  He also used 1 divinity to persist Well of Divinity.  He has two faith points: one for the start of this turn and one for playing Divine Intervention from Well of Divinity's effect.

   Its the ghoul's turn.  He attacks the wizard, but the wizard's minion intervenes.  He would deal 4 damage, but the priest's Divine Intervention reduces the damage to 0, generating 4 faith points for the priest.  Diniloth casts a powerful spell called Necrotic Burst which deals 2 damage to all living enemies and heals the damage dealt to his minions (split however he likes).  Two damage is dealt to each player, and none to the minion because it was prevented (generating another 2 faith points for the priest for a total of eight faith points).  This fully heals the ghoul.

    The fighter persists his Total Defense, leaving him with four tactics.  He choses not to play any cards, and makes a direct attack against the ghoul, dealing 2 damage.

    The rogue, also low on cards, pays 1 to equip his throwing dagger.  He makes a basic attack against the ghoul, and uses his stealth points to make a sneak attack (5% per each of his 6 points for a 30% chance), but fails.  The attack deals normal damage, but 2 normal damage + 2 damage from his special ability is not enough to overcome is defense.

     The wizard persists his minion, and then casts Ray of Frost for 3 mana.  He uses three spellbook pages to keep the spell from being exiled.  It deals 4 damage to one target, and he's selected the ghoul.  Diniloth pays 2 to activate his ghoul's mirrored shield's special ability.  He flips a coin and wins, which means he can redirect the target of the spell.  He chooses to reflect the spell back to the wizard.  The wizard's minion intercepts the attack, which kills it.

    The priest persists Well of Divinity by paying 1.  He pays 4 divinity and 1 faith point (from the effect of his Well of Divinity) to cast Champion of the Light on the fighter.  This powerful spell allows him to infuse one player or minion with +10 health, +3 attack, and gives him 1 regeneration.  With 9 faith points left, he uses his special ability to heal people at a cost of 1 faith point per health healed.  He heals himself and the wizard for 2 damage each, costing a total of 4 faith points, leaving him with 5.  He needs 5 faith points at the start of next turn to persist Champion of Light.

   The ghoul attacks the wizard, but the fighter pays to intercept it.  He takes no damage, thanks to his Total Defense.

    The fighter starts his turn, persisting his Total Defense.  He plays Sundering Blow for 2 tactics, which allows him to destroy a target item whose cost is less than his total attack power + 4.  He destroys the ghoul's Mirrorred Shield.  However, it also uses his attack for the turn.  Unfortunately this move also has destroyed the item, preventing them from getting the treasure.

    The rogue gets a bad draw, and doesn't have anything to play.  He grumbles a bit, and ends his turn.

    The wizard casts fireball, a 4 mana spell that deals 6 damage to all enemy targets (in this case only the ghoul).

    The priest spends five faith points to persist the Champion of Light, and one divinity to persist Well of Divinity.  He gains one faith point at the start of the turn.  He casts Purgatory, using four Divinity and one faith point.  This causes divine fire to strike the ghoul, dealing 4 damage (2 + 2 if the target is evil, demonic or undead), and killing it.  He uses the faith point generated by the casting of Purgatory (from Well of Divinity) to heal the fighter of 1 of his 2 damage.

   The party survives the encounter, but has several more to go before finally facing down Diniloth.


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